Lumiere Residences DMCI Shaw Blvd - Unit and Building Features

Inspired by the construction heritage of its mother company D.M. Consunji Inc., DMCI Homes has carved its own name in the property industry by coming up consistently with high quality standard developments that fulfil the needs and aspirations of the middle-income market. With its track record of building well-designed residential communities, each DMCI Homes' project displays high quality design and construction complemented by green architecture to allow more light and air into each space making it energy efficient and cost-efficient.

Lumiere Residences Building Facade
Lumiere Residences Building Facade

Building Features

DMCI Homes developments are now renowned for ease and comfort of living afforded by its garden atriums and balconies in almost all units. As in other high-rise residential development projects of DMCI Homes, Lumiere Residences will feature its unique breakthrough building design technology, referred to as the “Lumiventt”. Lumiventt, a combination of the words lumen which means light, and ventus which means wind, is a system that allows the free flow of natural light and ventilation around a high-rise structure.

Natural airflow is induced through three-storey high openings called Sky Patios at the front and back of every five floor levels, and through openings at the ends of each level. These provide channels through which air can move. Fresh air flows in while stale or hot air is displaced or sucked out. There is also air coming from the breezeways which pass through the atriums.

DMCI Lumiventt Diagram
Lumiventt Design Technology Airflow Diagram

Balconies in units provide homeowners with their own quiet spot to enjoy their surroundings and views of the city. Landscaped Sky Patios every five floors further enhance the resort-like atmosphere throughout the entire building.

Lumiere Residences SkyPatio
Sky Patio
Lumiere Residences Atrium
Landscaped Atriums
DMCI Homes residential communities are created with distinct architectural design concepts that show first class development features. Built to contain only a limited number of housing units to accommodate residents, all DMCI Homes communities including Lumiere Residences are exclusive. Keeping the prospective buyers in mind, DMCI Homes also put into place first-rate building features in the development to guarantee the well-being and, safety, and security of residents. Security measures are in place to make condo living truly worry-free for all families: electrified perimeter fences, 24-hour security service, CCTV cameras in strategic areas, and roving security personnel.
DMCI Bldg features atrium balcony corridor
DMCI Building Features
Typical Building Features of A DMCI Residential Condominium Development
  • High-Rise development (two towers 36 and 37 storeys high)
  • Distinct Architectural Theme (Modern Tropical architecture theme)
  • Lumiventt Design Technology
  • Single-loaded corridors
  • Extended Sky Patios
  • Landscaped Atriums every 5 Floors
  • Breezeways at the End of each Floor
  • Balconies in units
  • Full Back-Up Power
  • Six(6) Elevators per building
  • Mail Room
  • Laundry Station
  • Water Refill Station
  • Property Management Office
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Gate & Guardhouse
  • Electrified Perimeter Fence
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Provision for individually metered utility and cable connections for each unit
  • Fire Detection & Sprinkler System
  • Fire hose cabinets along corridors
  • Fire exit in both wings
  • Wi-Fi ready indoor amenity area
Building Floor Plans

Unit Features

Just like other DMCI Homes' projects, Lumiere Residences will also feature space configurations that will address various needs and budgets. Homebuyers can choose from a variety of unit options that best suit their family. Floor areas are generously allocated to address different needs.

As DMCI Homes has a good track record in the construction industry, units will be designed with flexible and efficient space, first-rate finishes, and quality craftsmanship for the residents' comfort and convenience. With ample space from every angle, Lumiere Residences will offer residents an environmant where light has the ability to play and create a warm and inviting atmosphere where they can feel at home, a home that allows them to breathe easy.

Unit Layouts
Turnover Finishes
Lumiere Residences Soon to Rise along Shaw Blvd, Pasig !!!


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